Wrinkle free with Smooth!

Wrinkle free with Smooth!

1 year ago

Less wrinkles, great looks

Do you deliver your mattresses compact-packed? Are you unhappy to see that they look wrinkled when unpacked, despite all the effort you put in your mattress concept? Make sure your customers receive a mattress that looks like new. Use Smooth from BekaertDeslee. The ‘wrinkle reducing’ solution for your compact-packed mattresses.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

The looks of your mattress determine to a large extent its perceived quality. Your customers will judge your product on how it unfolds from its vacuum or bed-in-box packaging. Too many persistent creases and wrinkles will make their brand new mattress look used, even before they lie down on it.

Keep your mattress superbly SMOOTH

BekaertDeslee has now developed a solution for ‘the wrinkle problem’ of compact-packed and foldable mattresses. Smooth is a range of mattress border fabrics that shows significantly less wrinkles after unfolding. It reduces creases in a top time. Smooth offers the perfect solution for your flexible bed base concepts and collapsible mattresses as well.

Tested and approved

The efficiency of Smooth delivers its promise, we put it to the test! We vacuum packed a mattress covered with Smooth fabrics and opened the package after 2 weeks. We compared its wrinkles after 24 hours. The difference is clear. Smooth fabrics look much more flowing, soft, unwrinkled and smooth, 24 hours later. Admire the optimal result after 48 hours.

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