Overnight skin care

Overnight skin care

2 years ago

SKIN+ is a game-changing technology in skin care, a novel treatment for mattress fabrics based on a patented probiotic technology. No need to spend time in front of the bathroom mirror, applying multiple lotions and creams. Just go to sleep and your mattress does the job, night after night.

How does it work?

The Skin+ fabrics are treated with specific probiotics, called carotenoids, encapsulated in microscopically small bulbs that adhere to the textile fibers. The probiotics eat shedded skin to survive. These capsules withstand up to 20 washings at 40°C, thus covering the entire lifespan of the mattress. Through friction between our body and the mattress, the capsules are crushed and the probiotics become active.


Carotenoids are organic pigments that are also found in the skin of fruit and vegetables.T he Skin+ carotenoids are ten times more active than those found in carrots, tomatoes, watermelons… These carotenoids offer several benefits:

  • Powerful antioxidants that prevent cell damage and disease.
  • Protect, restore, rejuvenate, beautify your skin.
  • “The golden glow”: higher vitality and attractiveness.
  • Because they are fat-soluble, these carotenoids effortlessly reach your skin through sheets and nightdresses!

24/7 effect

The dosage of SKIN+ is calculated to match the effect of applying a carotenoid skin cream daily.  Once the technology is activated, the production of carotenoids keeps going!

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