Intuition: our new collection!

Intuition: our new collection!

4 years ago

BekaertDeslee proudly presents its new collection Intuition!

Stay true

The Intuition collection is all about emotion, feeling and color. It is about staying true to yourself. Affective and pleasurable designs are at the center of this collection, representing pure and honest ideas that will inspire you.

The color palette

Explicit colors play a big role in the Intuition collection. The design team went full throttle and did not hold back. We analyzed the next design trends and grouped together the colors that reflect our look into the future. The result is a powerful color palette!

Appealing to senses

When people buy a mattress, they trust their intuition. They must trust their intuitive senses to select the mattress that is right for them. The color combinations of the Intuition collection, together with its textures, will speak to the people’s senses.

Tastes differ

The Intuition collection is not about just one theme; it is about multiple trends. It represents what goes on in the world of fashion and interior design. High end or low end, classic or modern, shiny or dull, white or colorful, or everything in between. Intuition is a one stop shop for a wide variety of trends. Bedding has become more personalized and special for each consumer. That is why the BekaertDeslee design team has developed several themes or stories that translate perfectly the hot trends of today and tomorrow and meet every customer or consumer in his own style. Different types of aesthetics and atmospheres reflect a complete vision of what mattress covers will look like tomorrow.

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