Discover our online platform!

Discover our online platform!

1 year ago

The online BD Cloud is your selection platform for BekaertDeslee fabric designs and bed concepts. The tool reveals a virtual showroom with all BekaertDeslee fabric designs, a concept library that inspires with trendy mattress concepts, an overview of all our brands and innovations, and so much more.

The BD Cloud is also a co-creation platform, where you can easily collaborate with our Sales and Designers. The integration of different design and manufacturing steps into one application in the cloud helps you to streamline the design process and save both time and money


Our virtual showroom guides you through the collection of fabric designs. In this virtual environment you can easily find the fabrics you are looking for! Thanks to the broad scope of the five different styles in combination with the more specific themes, BekaertDeslee creates an environment where you can freely mix and match across different styles.


Browse the concept library and find trend inspiration created by our designers worldwide.

Register for the BD Cloud on our website and explore the possibilities!

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Image for Skin+ : Tested & approved

Skin+ : Tested & approved

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