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Sleeping in too cold or too warm temperatures has a negative impact on the quality of your sleep. During the night your body produces warm and humid vapor resulting in a loss of 95 gram of moisture per hour. The ability of the bed textiles to deal with this vapor is essential for recuperative sleep.
We offer specifically engineered textiles to optimize temperature and moisture management, resulting in a number of benefits:

  • You no longer feel too hot or too cold.
  • Sweat is easily evacuated from your body.
  • A dry sleep surface.
  • Optimized airflow and ventilation for a fresh sleep.


Perfect match
BekaertDeslee sought to create a mattress that represents Climate visually as well as technologically. We did this using 4 Climate brands: TencelCairfullAdaptive and Sensapole. BekaertDeslee combines all four brands to create the ideal sleeping surface.

Brands in a perfect match: how do they work?

The perfect Climate mattress consists of different parts working together. First off, Tencel forms the raw fabric material. Tencel is a natural fiber with remarkable absorbing qualities. Next up is the knitting technique. Cairfull creates a layer of air between the body and the mattress. This means more ventilation, more moisture management and more resilience. Lastly, the ideal Climate mattress has two finishing treatments: Sensapole is a textile finishing with microcapsules containing wax that can store and release heat depending on the circumstances. Adaptive is a temperature sensitive polymer that makes the fabric adapt to temperature changes.

BekaertDeslee combines the best raw material, knitting technique and finishing technologies in one mattress that symbolizes freshness.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact your BekaertDeslee Sales Representative.

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