BekaertDeslee presents Moments

BekaertDeslee presents Moments

3 weeks ago

Every single moment in our lives is of significant importance. People tend to say ‘not to take life for granted’ and to ‘seize the moment’ but how often are we really doing so? Our ‘Moments’ collection is all about capturing moments in life from very simple and pure moments to big life changing moments.

Moments of simplicity

Too often we get caught up in the race of daily life that we forget to take a moment to enjoy the simple moments. In the littlest moments, immense pleasure can be found. The smell of coffee in the morning, enjoying some slow down time with your family or watching a movie with your loved one on a rainy day. These are moments of nothing in particular and yet they are fuel for the soul. Experience our peaceful and tranquil designs that remind you of these cozy and meaningful moments in life.

Moving moments

Get ready to experience the adrenaline-fuelled thrills and moments that make us feel alive. Climbing a mountain or jumping out of a plane we capture those great experiences that highlight the best of you. Behold designs that illustrate these moving and extraordinary moments.

Moments of tradition 

Traditions form a critical piece of our culture. They help to form the structure and foundation of our families and society. Especially during the holidays our unique and cultural traditions are more alive than ever. For this design style we have drawn inspiration from local traditions and contemporary festivities. Moments of Nature (nuance) We need nature more than ever to give us peace and quiet, to distress, and to help us enjoy life. Come with us and step outside to enjoy the sunshine and the breeze, take in the beautiful scenery and experience the now. Thanks to the diversity in nature and the fact that no two moments in nature are alike, our design team was endlessly inspired to bring botanical scenery as well as more soft and peaceful nature designs to this collection.

Moments of fun

The quality of being able to enjoy every single moment, is something we were born with. Just observe a child for a few minutes and you will immediately remember how it can be to appreciate the joy simple things can bring. Children don’t worry about the future; they play and enjoy every single moment and that is the exact reason why we have designed a special collection to those who know best to enjoy the moment. Discover our playful and colorful children’s collection.

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