BekaertDeslee presents 'Character'

BekaertDeslee presents 'Character'

1 year ago

BekaertDeslee presents 'Character'

BekaertDeslee introduces a collection making any ordinary mattress extraordinary. Personalization is at the center of our newest designs, focusing on the individual and on the freedom of being - whoever you want to be. Browse through our collection of characteristic mattress fabrics and celebrate individuality!


Midnight Palms 

Be trend-right and bring greenery straight into your bedroom with our midnight palm motives.


Free your Boho soul and browse through our Paisley designs.



Embrace fashion as a form of self-expression and discover our very refined designs in which class and elegance are key. 


Express yourself and awake your senses with our Texture designs



Let the blood pump through your veins with our performance-like, ventilating fabrics that celebrate a fit lifestyle. Now let's run! 


Our athleisure mattress fabrics emphasize activity through performance fabrics and clever designs.



Discover our elegant designs that are inspired by a modern version of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'.

Royal Blue 

Royal blue speaks to the imagination with its heroine designs.

Use the new designs to create your mattress

With the help of the 3D Configurator, you can now virtually create the mattress of your choice. Go to the Configurator and try out our designs on a mattress! 

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