BekaertDeslee presents Allure

BekaertDeslee presents Allure

1 year ago

BekaertDeslee presents 'Allure'

ALLURE is an artistic representation of non-conforming societal ideals. The Allure collection draws the customer in through unique and tactile fabrics. The styles in this collection represent softness, grace, strength and simplicity. A full spectrum to delight the senses. We invite you to join us on this alluring aesthetic journey.


  • Pastel color palette with a fresh twist.
  • Floral and transitional inspiration
  • High detail, precise line work and clean textures encompass Nuance style.

Soft nuance

Like the first blossoms, this design will give you that spring feeling thanks to soft pastels and off-whites.

Blue Camouflage

Colorful fabrics with a blue camo print.


  • Warm color palette with hints of metallic.
  • Designs inspired by luxury and sophistication.
  • Damask, Baroque accents and Royal expression are invoked in this style.

Classic whites

It’s all about spotless, bright white in this theme. Baroque design is added to give the fabric a royal expression.

Soft classics

Beautiful ornamental designs decorate the mattress fabric. Soft, light pastel colors make the bed perfect for a minimalistic, classic bedroom.

Vivid classics

Bring historic damask patterns back to life with vibrant colors! The classic design makes the fabric look elegant while the color palette adds a bit of contemporary expressiveness.


  • Dark color palette with purposeful pops of bright hues.
  • Trendy designs inspired by athleisure.
  • Contemporary, geometric, and bold motifs are featured in Fusion.

Stretch pastels

With spring comping up, it’s time to bring the pastel hues back. The pastel color scheme is still a big hit like last year and adds a soft touch to your mattress fabric.

Forest fusion

Forest fusion draws its inspiration from the shapes and motifs of the forest. Green is mainly present in the color palette.

Contrast fusion

By contrasting black and gold, the design gives a luxurious and elegant look

Fusion Shades


  • A soft color palette with hints of blues.
  • Minimalistic designs Inspired by nature.
  • Textures, ombrés, linear movement characterize this style.

Pure naturals

A mix of whites and neutral grays fills the color palette. The woolen fabric gives the mattress a cozy look & feel.


Bring the tunes & tones of the rainbow for an alluring, colorful mattress.


Kids selection

Fun animal prints and soft colors will speak to kids.

Border selection

Knitted borders with colorful patterns to adorn your mattress.

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