BekaertDeslee builds new Innovation & Design Center

BekaertDeslee builds new Innovation & Design Center

5 months ago

BekaertDeslee, the world’s leading specialist in mattress fabrics and mattress covers, is building a new Innovation & Design Center (IDC) in Waregem, Belgium. The new, 3.575 m² building is located at Groenbek, a new business area across the street from BekaertDeslee’s headquarters. The BekaertDeslee IDC will be “home” for the creative and technological heart of the group: the pilot plant, R&D, Engineering, Design, and Marketing & Communication.

600 million people sleep on our fabrics every night. We spend years on research and development to improve their sleep quality. We are putting a bigger focus on innovation than ever before in order to transform the way we serve our clients, develop our people, and lead our industry.

Through BekaertDeslee IDC, our 9 business units are connected across the globe as one virtual network to scan the world for new trends in sleeping technology. This worldwide radar allows us to translate upcoming technologies into innovative products fit for the bed environment.

BekaertDeslee IDC groups full production size machines, and invests in the latest technology in weaving, knitting and finishing. This fully integrated approach supports a flawless rollout of innovations and on-site training for the business units to ensure all units worldwide get rapidly geared up for full production. Working together on a global scale allows us to do things in the most efficient and effective way.

BekaertDeslee IDC is also home to BekaertDeslee Academy, a platform for open innovation, where we invite suppliers, customers, scientists, universities and research institutes to engage in co-creation of unique products and services. Change and continuous improvement are in the DNA of our company. We innovate on design, technology, services, communication, manufacturing… Our goal is to bring relevant innovation to the market, close to the customer. In our quest to deliver better sleep quality, we are aided by the increasing awareness that sleep is important for health, mental wellbeing and performance.

The innovation team is expected to move in the new offices mid-2018.

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