5 tips for better sleep

5 tips for better sleep

4 months ago

Begin with sleep, the rest will follow!

Begin with sleep is the theme of the national sleep awareness week 2019. The goal is to highlight the importance of a good sleep health. Sleep affects our health, well-being and safety, which is why it is so essential to us.

Unfortunately, too many people don't realize what impact sleep has on our daily life. We, BekaertDeslee think it is very important to draw attention to this kind of initiatives to emphasize the importance of a healthy sleep. After all, everything begins with a good night's rest. If you can’t sleep during the night, you can’t function properly during the day. Sleep helps you to repair your body, reduces stress, improves your memory and might even help you to lose weight. We would like to be your sleep adviser, which is why we give you 5 sleeping tips. A good day begins with a good night's rest!

1. Exercise regularly

Exercise is one of the best science-backed ways to improve your sleep and health. It may reduce insomnia by decreasing arousal, anxiety and depressive symptoms. Additionally, research showed that you fall asleep twice as fast when you exercised during the day!

2. Increase bright light exposure during the day, and reduce blue light exposure in the evening

Exposure to light during the day is beneficial, but nighttime light exposure has the opposite effect. This is why you can benefit from being outside during the day. Blue light comes from electronic devices like smartphones and computers. This reduces hormones like melatonin, which help you relax and get deep sleep.

3. Don’t drink alcohol

Owning a couple of drinks at night can negatively affect your sleep and hormones. Alcohol can disrupt your sleep and increase symptoms of sleep apnea and even snoring. Maybe drink a cup of tea instead of alcohol.

4. Sleep at consistent times

Your body's circadian rhythm functions on a set loop, aligning itself with sunrise and sunset. Being consistent with your sleep and waking times can aid long-term sleep quality.

5. A comfortable bed, mattress and pillow

A comfortable bed, mattress and pillow is the basis of a good sleep. It can reduce back and shoulder pain by at least 50%. Additionally it has the possibility to improve your sleep quality by 60%. Additionally it is important to keep in mind to replace your mattress every 5 to 8 years!

Source: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/17-tips-to-sleep-better#section15

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