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NEO Extended

NEO Extended adds more depth to our different substyles, and as such we expand the overall story of NEO. As with our NEO collection, the extended styles that form the inspiration for new designs and fabrics show off contemporary contrasts. On the one hand, digitalization plays a big part in our lives nowadays, while on the other hand we became more aware of our magnificent surroundings. NEO Extended expands on both worlds, capturing our ambitions for the future, but also showing how much we care about the world around us.

NEO Extended consists of several substyles, as was the fact in our previous collections as well. Continue scrolling to discover them, and don't forget to visit the Cloud afterwards. Enjoy!

RE-START Extended

In NEO Extended, our RE-START has progressed. While in our original NEO collection, RE-START focused on small, new steps after a long period of rest, we can see the new Volumes substyle as the culmination of taking those new steps. We started being active again, our lives were resumed, and we redoubled the pace. Now, with the big and organized patterns of the new Volume substyle, we are truly up and running again. We restarted.


The Volumes substyle is characterized by monumental, geometric shapes. Volumes is an ode to these gigantic forms. It incorporates big scale patterns, plays with volume and 3D, and makes the best use of depth and shading. An architectural style like this is defined by beautiful, yet robust colors, ranging from white, over beige and light gray tones, to a darker gray. Despite its insinuation of cold, looming, and large forms, it shows delicacy with accent tones of blue and olive green as well. 


At the end of the line, through rushes and calmer moments, it is always important to RE-CONNECT. One the one hand, reconnect to your significant other. This is why we implemented Boudoir as one of our new extensions, to further praise connecting with others, and celebrate that connection together. But it also means you need to reconnect to yourself. The New Classic substyle helps you do just that because the contemporary designs keep your thoughts to the order of the day. Be it that you are classic-minded or modern-spirited, both our substyles help you reconnect!


Here comes the bride! Bridal patterns always induce the feeling of loving, as well as being loved. It brings about feelings of connecting to your significant other, even if you don’t wear the wedding dress itself. The soft-laced, small border patterns of the Boudoir substyle show what this day involves: dressing up for celebration. On this day to remember, it is impossible not to work with soft, female, powdered colors, as to not disturb the beauty that is shown, the beauty of your togetherness.

New Classic

Apart from connecting to others, you live through your own process. It is important to keep your head in the moment and connect to yourself as well. This is what inspires our New Classic substyle. It is a contemporary, geometric, yet swirly substyle that induces a luxurious, rich, and timeless feel. In short: it helps you appreciate yourself, living in the current moment. It really does not matter if you are a classical being or a newfangled dynamo, because this substyle is a one-fits-all! Peach and marsala colors make sure the warm and silvery greys don’t get too overwhelming and yet achieve the sense of not bombarding everyone on the spot. 

RE-JOICE Extended

RE-JOICE is all about letting nature inspire you. We extended our previous substyles and combined them into one, inspired by the Japanese Garden. Either if rejoicing in nature means getting away from the digitalization of this world or taking pleasure in minding the greatest detail nature has to offer, a Japanese garden combines it all. Our cover styles and fabrics are here to help you rejoice in nature and become completely zen along the way. 

Japanese Garden

By viewing our floral, eastern-inspired designs, you’ll know at one glance why we call this RE-JOICE substyle Japanese Garden. Be prepared to pay attention to fresh, yet delicate, blossoming patterns. By putting these patterns in context, feel like walking through a vast, beautiful, and peaceful landscape. The greens, blues and lilac feel completely natural and seem to be taken straight out of nature. Welcome to a place where you can further rejoice nature and become zen. 

RE-NEW Extended

NEO Extended further expands on contrasts. As opposed to restarting our lives, we also truly learned to care for ourselves. Renewing is important all year round and self-care can be achieved through many different ways. Let NEO Extended help you find comfort where you might not have looked for it yet. In its two substyles, RE-NEW explores the softness and warming effects of Tweed, while showing that Wire Art can help you find calmness in simplicity.

Wire Art

Relaxation can also be found in simplicity. In a world where everything always needs to be bigger, better, faster, and stronger, it is not unimportant to focus on the simple things, sometimes. The Wire Art substyle helps you do just that. While you might think it’s an impressive tangle of forms at first, wire art follows one simple line, accentuating tranquility, and simplicity. Its colors of white, gray, black and just a little touch of blue help keeping it simple as well. Wire Art, too, can help one find inner peace!


Imagine yourself drinking hot chocolate in your sofa, while snow is falling outside. Don’t we all love the coziness of winter? The Tweed substyle of our RE-NEW extension encapsulates just that one happy feeling. Small, snug patterns that are fit for covers, as well as borders, radiate warmth and help you find inner peace. While the weather might not always look colorful in winter, tweed fabric makes use of classic colors, accentuated with happy blue, orange, curry, petrol, and Marsala colors to induce a serene happiness. Is it the season yet?
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