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When going to sleep, you want your bed to feel warm and cozy. After all, the cozy factor is important when aiming for a gentle night’s rest. Cozy Loops helps with just that: by introducing velvet-like qualities, we make sure softness is guaranteed. Be prepared to tuck yourself in completely and experience the warm feelings Cozy Loops instills through its visual softness. Apart from creating a warm feeling, the velvet-like fabrics displays a luxurious vibe. The lavish appearance of Cozy Loops makes it fit in in every space, be it glamorous or modern. This makes Cozy Loops easy on the eye, and also makes it possible to create a luxurious and soft impact.

Cozy Loops is a new technology

Velvet (or velour) is a popular fabric, and an upcoming trend in fashion. Its most obvious advantage is its softness, because of its velvet-like qualities.
Cozy Loops can be used as a panel or border fabric. The design of a border becomes increasingly important as well, so Cozy Loops has the advantage there as well. While panel patterns are important, borders can give your mattress something extra. Velvet, especially, gives a certain luxurious look and feel to your mattress. What's more, is that velvet is a timeless material. It has known revival after revival, for generations. Talk about trendy, right?
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