Overnight skin care

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SKIN+ is a game-changing technology in skin care, a novel treatment for mattress fabrics based on a patented probiotic technology. No need to spend time in front of the bathroom mirror, applying multiple lotions and creams. Just go to sleep and your mattress does the job, night after night!

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Does Skin+ produce carotenoids?

Raman compared the production of pure carotenoids (Lycopene) to the production of carotenoids in Skin+. After 24 hours, Skin+ shows the same profi le as pure Lycopene which means that Skin+ produces carotenoids.


Do the Skin+ carotenoids reach the skin?

The main goal of this study was to prove that Skin+ carotenoids are absorbed by the skin. The research was conducted by treating pig skin with Skin+ fabric and check whether the carotenoids were absorbed by the skin. 15 µg of Skin+ was applied to a pig ear. After 6 hours of exposure, only 5,6 µg remained on the surface of the skin. This means that 9,4 µg was absorbed by the pig skin.

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