With SmartSleeve® you literally sleep on air. 

SmartSleeve® is a revolutionary mattress protector that optimizes your sleeping comfort, health and the hygiene of your mattress. SmartSleeve® combines three top technologies that offer the optimal conditions for a good night’s sleep. The fabric is knitted in a special 3D-structure (CAIRFULL) that permanently ventilates the mattress and reduces the pressure of the body on the mattress. SmartSleeve® regulates the moisture level and temperature of the sleep environment (ADAPTIVE). A probiotic biotechnology in the fabric keeps your mattress clean in a 100% natural way (PUROTEX). All these benefits form the recipe for a smart, heavenly bed.

Smartsleeve example
Image for Sleep Airsential

Sleep Airsential

Simplicity with elastic bands

Springy, well-ventilated and moisture-regulating: three must-have features are brought together in the Sleep Airsential. This mattress sleeve is made with an innovative interior 3D structure. It keeps the air under the body in motion, creating a better air stream. The Sleep Airsential is the basic version of the SmartSleeve®: simple elastic bands keep the protector firmly attached to the mattress.

Image for Sleep Ventilated

Sleep Ventilated

Greater luxury with a lycra base

The Sleep Ventilated uses an innovative 3D knitting technique to create a layer of air. This gives your mattress a springy feel, while also giving ventilation and regulating moisture. Excess heat is moved away and perspiration evaporates. The Sleep Ventilated is 
a basic version with a little something extra because the super-stretchy lycra sides ensure a flexible fit for every mattress.

Image for Sleep Relaxed

Sleep Relaxed

With lavender

Peaceful, relaxing, even sleep-inducing: that’s the Sleep Relaxed. This mattress sleeve has microcapsules with lavender extract
 in the top layer. Body movement releases the lavender scent. Aromatherapy in bed: it makes it easier to fall asleep and gives you a better night’s sleep.

Image for Sleep Mosquito Protected

Sleep Mosquito Protected

With eucalyptus

Mosquito-free nights: exactly what the Sleep Mosquito Protected provides. In its top layer, this sleeve has micro-capsules with eucalyptus extracts. Body movement releases the scent to create a protective cocoon that keeps mosquitoes away. Nothing will disturb your night’s sleep!

Intelligent mattress and pillow protector to improve your sleeping comfort.

Image for Sleep Allergen Protected

Sleep Allergen Protected

With probiotics

Sleep Allergen Protected ensures your bed is hygienic. The top layer of this sleeve contains probiotics using the Purotex technology. These probiotics ensure diverse allergens are kept away. Allergic reactions are drastically reduced, as are coughing and sneezing. Sleep Allergen Protected: breathe freely in a healthy environment.

Image for Sleep Thermo Regulated

Sleep Thermo Regulated

With thermo-regulating technology

Not too warm, not too cold, just … perfect! The Sleep Thermo Regulated regulates temperature using the Adaptive technology in the top layer of the sleeve. It ensures your sweat evaporates more quickly. The result is a constant temperature in bed, all night long.

Image for Sleep Waterproof

Sleep Waterproof

With a layer of polyurethane

A breathing, waterproof mattress sleeve: that’s the Sleep Waterproof. It’s finished with a layer of polyurethane; this innovative synthetic material blocks water and still allows breathability. A comfortable sleep is guaranteed, even in the event of bed-wetting or incontinence.

Image for Sleep Bounce

Sleep Bounce

With extra air

Well ventilated and pressure reducing: two must-have features that the Bounce® offers. It has a ventilating effect thanks to the two layers of air that flow through its innovative 3D knitted structure. It also reduces pressure through its core of innovative quick-dry foam. For a fresh and healthy sleep in optimal ergonomic comfort.

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